September 8, 2008

Turning thirty

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No, I’m not turning thirty.

And it was long before thirty that I had my four crowns and two plus root canals (and I’m sure I’ll see a few more teeth go before it hits, too).

But recently, when all started to go wrong with my body, somebody actually asked me, “Did you just turn thirty?” Unfortunately, I can’t use that as an excuse for the tooth that chipped (filled!), the toe that audibly snapped (healing just fine, still occasionally sore), or – the latest – the allergy to bee stings that just presented itself…all in the past month.

It would be fun if I could claim that though.

Anyway, the latest is the bee sting allergy. While working on the porch over Labor Day weekend, I was stung near my armpit. For the next two days, my arm continued to swell. Layered concentric rings of redness spread downwards to my elbow. By Tuesday, I was swollen and red from armpit to elbow, and the school clinic confirmed that I should go see the doctor. (“Can you get to an urgent care facility today?”) The doctor, in turn, confirmed that it was an allergic reaction, prescribed oral steroids and a cream, and sent me off to wait for the swelling to go down and try not to itch. And I’ve joined the ranks of epi-pen carriers.

So the way I figure it, I’m not exactly operating in dog years here, but I think I just hit thirty early. And it feels okay, except for the itch.


Chinese water torture

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The leak is back.

When I heard that today, I felt a bit defeated. Allen and I spent our Labor Day weekend replacing the leaking porch on the Otis Street house, with high hopes that no more water would drip into my brother’s bedroom. We chiseled and hammered off the giant (and heavy!) flagstone, put in a new plywood subfloor, put down concrete backerboard, and tiled the porch with slate. Then we caulked and sealed it.

This weekend’s weather was the ultimate test for the new porch when hurricane (tropical storm? bluster?) Hanna came through. Unfortunately, we failed the test. Water leaked through above my brother’s bed again.

So, I guess we’re not the porch gods I made us out to be earlier this week. We’re going to have to go back and do some more caulking. But on the up side: we have a new porch on the house!