September 8, 2008

Turning thirty

Posted in Daily life tagged , , at 7:13 pm by Lauren

No, I’m not turning thirty.

And it was long before thirty that I had my four crowns and two plus root canals (and I’m sure I’ll see a few more teeth go before it hits, too).

But recently, when all started to go wrong with my body, somebody actually asked me, “Did you just turn thirty?” Unfortunately, I can’t use that as an excuse for the tooth that chipped (filled!), the toe that audibly snapped (healing just fine, still occasionally sore), or – the latest – the allergy to bee stings that just presented itself…all in the past month.

It would be fun if I could claim that though.

Anyway, the latest is the bee sting allergy. While working on the porch over Labor Day weekend, I was stung near my armpit. For the next two days, my arm continued to swell. Layered concentric rings of redness spread downwards to my elbow. By Tuesday, I was swollen and red from armpit to elbow, and the school clinic confirmed that I should go see the doctor. (“Can you get to an urgent care facility today?”) The doctor, in turn, confirmed that it was an allergic reaction, prescribed oral steroids and a cream, and sent me off to wait for the swelling to go down and try not to itch. And I’ve joined the ranks of epi-pen carriers.

So the way I figure it, I’m not exactly operating in dog years here, but I think I just hit thirty early. And it feels okay, except for the itch.


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  1. Steven Gosap said,

    You and Brandi are epi-pen sisters!

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