October 7, 2008

Birthday girl

Posted in Daily life, family tagged , , , at 10:39 pm by Lauren

My little niece is two years old!

It’s funny – I’m still getting used to being able to say I have a niece. And yet it’s been two years!

Stephanie and Ryan taught her to play along in a little dialogue about her birthday:

“Two years ago, Mommy was in the hospital, and what did Katie say?”

“I wanna get out!”

“And then when you arrived, we said, ‘Hello, Katherine Emma,’ and what did you say?”

“I’m here, Mommy!”

Stephanie also taught Katie to say, “I’m going to be two!” before her birthday, so that after her birthday happened, Katie kept saying, “I’m going to be two!” and was having real trouble switching to “I’m two!” We would all say in unison, “NOOOOO!” and Katie would amend, “I’m two!”

After dinner at the Majestic Cafe in Old Town Alexandria, we went back to Steph and Ryan’s for cake. Katie was convinced that the cake represented her birthday, and she kept pointing to the cake and yelling to everyone who would listen, “That’s my birthday RIGHT THERE!”

In any case, her birthday was darn good.

Happy birthday, Katie!


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