October 17, 2008

Pax’ secret

Posted in cats, family tagged , , , at 6:00 pm by Lauren

Pax the cat is fabulous with children. Katie came over today, and Pax let her pet him, kiss him, and even step on his tail without protest. Trouble, the fearless one, retreated to the basement when faced by this other fiesty animal. But Pax was calm and tolerant. Katie even picked up the catnip mouse and shook it over Pax’ head, and rather than swat at her with claws out (as he does when I do that), he watched her calmly and only went for the mouse when she set it down. Where did our cat get these instincts? (Maybe it has something to do with putting up with his mischievous brother.)

The cutest part was when Stephanie and Katie got ready to leave. Katie didn’t want to go, but we told her she could give the cats kisses before she left. So she bent down towards Pax’ face, and suddenly she jumped straight up and clapped her hands to her nose because his whiskers ticked her. It was just adorable.


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