October 26, 2008

Do you want to form an alliance?

Posted in Home Improvement tagged , , at 2:57 pm by Lauren

In the summer, when Rebecca and Chris visited us in our new house the first time, we all talked a lot about home improvement – and how much work we had to do.

Then we had a bright idea: we’d trade labor. Once a month, one couple would visit the other and tackle a project in the house. Then the hosting couple would provide a fresh home-cooked meal, we’d have a sleepover, and be on our way the next day.

And so we primed their dining room and breakfast room and painted their ceilings in September. Becca went above and beyond with a meal of lamb kebabs over couscous and various delicious Indian sides.

This weekend was our turn to host, and in the past twenty-four hours, our kitchen has been transformed. (Unfortunately, while we come up with bright ideas every once in a while, taking “before” pictures wasn’t one of them this weekend.) We started with a yellow sponge-painted kitchen and office area. We now have a beautiful green-gray kitchen and a primed and taped office area. Allen and I will finish off the office today and even start on the sunroom. How’s that for motivation?

We fed them of course: a Spanish tortilla (potato omelet), bruleed sweet potatoes, cucumber and tomato salad, pineapple sorbet, and honey-roasted pears. All of the veggies save the potatoes in the Spanish tortilla were from our Washington’s Green Grocer fruit and veggie box.

I love how fast the work goes when you’ve got three good friends right there next to you, joking and listening to music and just passing the time. Unfortunately, the busy holiday season means we won’t meet again in painting clothes until January at their place. But it’s something to look forward to!


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