November 1, 2008

It was bound to happen…but now?

Posted in family, Travel tagged , , , at 8:34 am by Lauren

We had a pretty exciting weekend planned, driving to Connecticut to visit my grandma, uncle, great aunt, and other extended family. We are finally returning my grandmother’s car because we bought a used Toyota Matrix.
We drove all the way up to CT, and on the way, my throat started to get sore, like being in the car was extremely parching. I thought that was strange, but I got a sore throat about a week ago, which was accompanied by a lot of snot and eventual coughing, so I thought that this was just an aggravation of that same problem.
HOWEVER, last night when we got here (midnight), and stayed up a little (until one), I realized that it hurt to swallow, and that two glasses of water weren’t making it feel better. I then realized that my lymph nodes are swollen and that the back of my throat is bright red.
I called it a night, thinking that would improve it, but then as I pulled the covers over myself, it occurred to me: this is probably strep. A night of tossing and turning (I woke up at least five times because of throat pain), plus hot and cold chills is all the confirmation I need. I’m 95% sure it’s strep. This morning my lymph nodes are more swollen, my throat is more red…
What a mess.
Everybody else is sleeping, but when I woke up at 7:30 am, I just couldn’t see falling asleep again, and I got up and hit the couch to explore out-of-network medical expenses. You know if I’m awake at 7:30 am on a Saturday – the only one awake! – that there’s a problem. And there’s another problem: my out-of-network deductible is $500. I don’t know how much a rapid strep test would cost at an urgent care clinic up here, but I don’t really want to chance it.
I honestly think that our best option at this point is to drive right back down to Virginia, where I will go to an urgent care clinic and beg for antibiotics. I don’t feel like I can justify staying up here and seeing everyone, knowing that I am contagious. In particular, my great aunt Camille was going to cook dinner for us tonight, but she’s babysitting two small children (one may be a baby) in her house overnight. I can’t expose two small children to strep. However, THIS SUCKS.
So, this is me, sitting on the couch with strep, trying to decide what to do and waiting for everyone to wake up.

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