November 12, 2008

Kitty cutes

Posted in cats tagged , , , at 3:38 pm by Lauren

Almost every morning, Trouble and Pax are curled up on my bed next to me (for some reason, they’re more likely to be curled up next to me than Allen – does he toss and turn? is it the extra blanket I have?), but this morning was particularly cute. Trouble was laying on his back with feet in the air, front paws curled up near his chest, just dead to the world. He is adorable all of the time, but I think he may be cutest when he’s asleep. Something about the way he curls up right next to us, or the way he will sleep right on our legs if we have them propped on an ottoman, or how he’ll display his furry belly just makes me feel so protective and adoring of him. I just wish we had a camera so I could show his cuteness off!

I’m beginning to think it’s a hierarchical thing that has Trouble sleeping near the upper half of my body, but keeps Pax always at the foot of the bed. I’ve started reading this book called Cat vs. Cat, which talks about cat behavior. It covers cat social hierarchy (the book is focused on multiple cat households), explaining behaviors and how to modify them if needed. So far it has confirmed what we thought about Trouble being the dominant cat. He definitely is! One of the indicators is which cat jumps or climbs physically higher than the other. And we’ll often have Trouble sitting on the back of the chair one of us is on, with Pax in our lap or on the floor. Trouble is always the first to explore a new vertical space, and Pax is more reluctant to jump up or to stay in a high position.

The descriptions of how you can tell what a cat is feeling – relaxed, aggressive, defensive – are really interested, and I’ll be watching the cats very closely in the next couple of weeks. I suspect that if we had a closer understanding of cat body language, Allen wouldn’t have gotten a bite on the nose for sniffing Trouble’s ear the other day!


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