November 12, 2008

Orange and white and yellow

Posted in cats tagged , , , at 12:16 am by Lauren

I knew it was stupid when I left the top of the paint can on the cat tree. Sure enough, Pax jumped onto the cat tree and straight into the paint. First was the panic as he realized he’d landed on something foreign. I sensed the chaos and turned towards the cat tree just in time to see Pax leap to the ground and tear out of the room, leaving yellow pawprints as he went.

“Catch that cat!” I hollered to Allen, who took up the chase with a paintbrush in hand. Pax ran faster, retreating to the quiet of the basement.

We started to to wipe wet paint off of the hardwood when I realized that perhaps we should assess the damage to Pax’ coat first, to make sure it had all come off as he ran through the house. One paw was soaked underneath in yellow paint, and streaks of yellow marred his orange and white fur. So up he went to the kitchen, where the light was better for cleaning. Allen and I took turns holding him tightly while we wiped him down with wet paper towels, then cut off some of the yellow fur (so he wouldn’t clean himself later and end up ingesting the paint), and finally used a mild detergent to get the last bits off that we could. He still has some minor paint specks, but we did the best we could.

Now that he’s just orange and white again, I’m watching his behavior closely to be sure he doesn’t get sick when he licks himself clean. But everything looks normal: he’s deposited the catnip mouse into my shoe and is batting the whole shoe around. Par for the course.


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