January 18, 2009

At the foot of the Lincoln Memorial

Posted in Daily life, Visitors tagged , at 11:02 pm by Lauren

Saturday night, we all sat around and strategized about how best to get to the Lincoln Memorial the next day. Steven wanted to experience those “crush conditions” the Metro text alerts kept warning about. Allen and I debated bus stops. Brandi and I shook our heads every time the word Metro came up. We finally decided on two buses, one to Ballston and the next to Farrugut Square, and we went upstairs to lay out our layers for the next day.

Sunday morning, we went outside to catch the bus to Ballston, but we determined quickly that we had missed it (probably because I was still putting on two pairs of socks and my boots at the last minute).

It was every bit as cold as we expected it to be as we traipsed out to the Lincoln Memorial. The wait for security to search us was short, and we circled the Reflecting Pool until we found a spot just in front of one of the JumboTrons along the water. A reporter from Kansas City ambled past and asked Allen if he thought that Obama was the Antichrist. We shivered and huddled close together until the concert started, and when it did, it was a blur of ant-sized people on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, singing and talking. We joked to each other, “I saw Steve Carell!” We couldn’t see any features of anyone. The Obamas were ants with two mini-ants sitting nearby. The whole concert was a long trail of ants. We froze, and we had a great time.




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