March 29, 2009

Same old story

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Conversation between me and my dad:

Dad: Your brother is dissing you on his blog.

Me: What? Let me look at that.

Dad: He’s talking about how you haven’t posted since Obama was inaugurated.

Me: I just posted today! But I didn’t see his post first. I get these emails from grandma saying she misses my blog too. I mean, I was going to write about my strep throat, but…

Dad: Yeah, that’s not even news.

Me: I know. My whole blog is going to be about strep throat.*

Dad: Yeah. Save it. Count it.

*Note here and here. And yes, I’m going to finally see about getting my tonsils out.



  1. Alan said,

    It’s on?!? I’m not sure if a blog post about a comment about a comment on a blog post is really “bringing it.” But, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume something big is coming down the pipeline from you…

  2. Alan said,

    Yup…. feeling like I should diss you some more on my blog… Do you still have strep?!?

    Maybe you can start talking about how your training is going? How you’re kicking asphalt and taking names!

  3. […] and it’s a mixed bag. Would you believe that I have strep throat again? If you check out my last post about strep throat (er, my last post period), please do note the date. When I started recognizing the symptoms on […]

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