June 30, 2009

Here’s to a long summer!

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It’s the first day of my summer vacation!

School got out on June 19, but I opted to do a summer project to earn some extra money for yoga. I started going to yoga again at the Ashtanga Yoga Center in DC – must read back in my infrequent posts to see if I mentioned that already, but I don’t think that I did. It’s a bit of a drive at 25 minutes to Tenleytown, but definitely worth it to continue Ashtanga, and I really like the instructors. I took the (financial? commitment?) leap and paid for unlimited morning Mysore classes, too, so I’ve been going almost daily since June 15. Mysore classes refer to the style of teaching/practicing in Mysore, India, where you attend and self-practice under the guidance of an instructor who adjusts your postures and adds new ones to your practice as you memories the sequence. There are people in my classes who are far more practiced and those who have far less experience as well. It actually makes me very comfortable, and I feel refreshed and energized for the day when I go to Mysore in the morning. (Thank goodness, because it’s certainly hard for me to leave the house at 6:45 am or earlier.)

I haven’t forgotten my running, though I’ve done it a little less of late. Instead of running 3 times a week, I’m going once or twice. However, last week I went three times between Sunday and Saturday, including running the Potomac River Running Twilight Festival Four-Miler in Ashburn on Saturday evening. I had my usual goal – keep running the whole time. Once I got underway, I also amused myself with a secondary goal of running it in under 45 minutes, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed if I hadn’t achieved that goal. But I was successful in both! I ran a very steady four miles, with my average pace for the first two miles at 10:49 minutes/mile, and my average pace overall at 11:09 minutes/mile, and I finished in (do the math) 44:36. As a testament to my steadiness, I was able to sprint the last 50 meters or so, and I felt great doing it. There was great swag at this race – not only did I get an awesome orange technical t-shirt and a $1 off at Robek’s coupon in my race packet, but all runners got a free burrito and drink afterwards (and a beer, which I gave away). There were free massages, a moon bounce for kids, and post-race snacks and drinks courtesy of Wegman’s. Fancy! It about made up for the heat, serious lack of shade on the course, and of course for the “scenery” of Ashburn.

We’re back to painting the house (no, we’re not done yet), so that’s part of what I’ll be spending my first day of vacation doing. Most recently we had painted the ceiling and trim in our bedroom, leaving the walls a mess and in need of the blue gray that will soon go up. But we decided yesterday to start in on the small bedroom first, which is a light (to me) green-blue color. I’ll be working on the ceiling in there and the guest bathroom today, then moving to the trim, then the wall colors. Allen decided that we could pick a new paint color for the hallway (yellow since about six months ago, and I haven’t come around to liking it yet), rather than spend another $50 on the last gallon of Benjamin Moore paint we’d need to finish the upstairs part of the hallway. I was overjoyed to hear that we didn’t need to wait a couple of years to declare the color a failure and repaint. (And yes, we could spend the money to try sample patches first. But at least 4 out of 5 times, if not 9 out of 10, I’m happy with the color I pick on the first try. So I’m cheap and risky.)

There is a limit to what we’ll get done this week though because on Saturday we leave for a week in St. John. Allen’s parents built a house down there, which they rent for 10 months of the year and visit for two. They’ll be down there for the whole month; we’re just there Saturday through Friday.

Enough with the blogging for now – hopefully I’ll have more time to post now that it’s summer – but it’s time to get to that painting.


June 10, 2009

Haikus about exercise

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It’s dangerous when

I get these ideas of

Writing differently.

Here’s news on running:

I haven’t been going much.

It’s all yoga’s fault.

I tried two places –

Both Ashtanga studios

Like the Paris one.

Definitely liked

Ashtanga Yoga Center

Better of the two.

Meanwhile there’s been rain.

It really affects my runs.

Activity drops.

The problem is that

June 27 I’ll run

my first four-miler.

Humidity makes

Me less able to run well.

Can I do four miles?

To add insult to

injury, my Nike plus

iPod broke today.

Either way what is

most important is I like

to move it, move it!

Wet and wild

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Two more 50 word updates, on a theme of water:

Kindergarten water day! I spent over an hour today splashing, squirting, and throwing water balloons at kindergarteners. (“You can only throw it at my feet! At my feet! Ow!” – That was me, by the way, not the kindergarteners.) No kindergarteners were harmed in the making of this blog post.

It’s been raining almost daily here. We got new patio furniture on Memorial Day weekend, but the cushions take forever to dry. The basement at the DC house is leaking, and yes, that’s where my brother lives. On the upside, the grass is green. And the thunderstorms have been spectacular.

June 9, 2009

Updates in 50 words or less

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I have this idea to catch up a bit: 50 words or less for each update.

On Sunday evening, we had a mini family reunion between Christy (daughter of the sister of my great grandmother) and Bud (of Truth or Consequences, NM, totally worth the word count) and Alan, Megan, Allen, and me. We met at Tonic and enjoyed our first meeting (after the age of 6).

That was exactly 50 words, for your information, and I probably spent more time counting words than writing it.

On May 16, Alan graduated from Catholic University with his masters. The ceremony was fun, but the best part was our four-person photo shoot around Catholic’s campus. Or maybe it was his masters sleeves. (Or maybe the low word count. Word.)

More soon…