July 29, 2009

Stitches in my butt

Posted in Exploring tagged , , at 11:06 pm by Lauren

I need to write about a thing or two or five or seventy-five. Top (or bottom) on my mind right now is that I’ve got a couple of stitches in my butt and in my thigh. Ouch. I went to the dermatologist today to have my moles checked for the first time in several years. (Several? A decade perhaps even?) Back then, I had two moles removed, and I knew I was long overdue to have them checked again. I would have felt like I needed a second opinion if the dermatologist hadn’t decided to remove any moles, but I wasn’t expecting six! Still, I’m glad to have them go if they look suspicious at all.

So two were taken off today when I was there, and now the one stitched part in my butt is twinging fiercely, and I’m fairly glad that the track workout for my ten miler training was cancelled for rain. (Just gloss over that ten miler bit; I’ll get to that if I ever remember to blog again.) Six moles! And you can only have two removed per visit; does anyone have any idea why insurance companies have that quota?

Anyway, the best part was how noticeably concerned my dermatologist was about this one particular mole. She didn’t want to wait two weeks before removing it (and because it’s bigger, and she wants to remove the entire thing and not just a piece to biopsy, she couldn’t do it today), which I think was the part that communicated the most concern to me. It’s a little ironic – the rush and the urgency – after ten years of not getting my moles checked that the doctor would be worried about two more weeks of a suspicious-looking mole on my leg. But there weren’t any available appointments before I go to Texas, so I will be rid of it on August 17 (post-Texas and post-tonsillectomy). (More things to write about the “next time” I blog – you know, in October.) Anyway, nothing to be concerned about though really because if it were bad, it would already be bad, and there’s nothing much to do about it before bedtime tonight, is there?



  1. grandma said,

    glad to rread that you are taking care of your health!

  2. Dad said,

    Some organizations are still looking for their moles. Glad you found yours.

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