August 20, 2009

Prettier stitches…

Posted in Cross Stitching tagged , , , at 1:23 pm by Lauren

…than the ones in my rear end.

Here is my piece for the Arlington County Fair:

CIMG0758 - Copy

This is “Beyond My Heart,” from the Loose Feathers series (#32) by Blackbird Designs. I made some substitutions in colors, mainly the yellow and the red, I think, but I can’t find where I put the leftover pieces of thread right now. Once I do, I’ll try to remember to update this with the color substitutions.

I hung it and “Be My Love” on my wall o’ stitching. The close-up of my arrangement looks like this:

CIMG0764 - Copy

But I still have plenty of room on the wall, so I’d better keep stitching:

CIMG0763 - Copy

I am working on several other pieces, but I’ve put them aside while I work on Caroline’s pieces. I’ve finished just the center area of Moira Blackburn’s “Pains of Love.”

CIMG0439 - Copy

The finished piece will read, “Pains of love be sweeter far than all other pleasures are.” (Does that mean poking myself with a needle while stitching pieces for others?)


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  1. […] are the larger framing projects that I kitted in Oklahoma in April. I started Pains of Love, but I have two others kitted and unstarted too. Not to mention the wedding sampler (Marriage of […]

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