October 12, 2009

Evolution of a guest room

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When we moved in to our house about a year ago, we had trouble envisioning exactly how our guest room was going to look like somewhere guests might want to stay. Let me paint a picture: teal panelling with chair rail separating it from the teal walls and wall-to-wall carpet – teal, of course. And then there was the teal-painted wall of ceiling tiles, meant to serve as a cork board. Oh, forget painting a picture. These will be so much more effective:


And somehow, against all odds, we now have some sort of before and after:



Note the painted ceiling tiles in the “before” picture there. Allen peeled – and chipped and beat – those tiles off, revealing a mess of black crusted Liquid Nails.


We pulled up the carpet. Fortunately, the hardwood is in decent condition, despite all attempts to crush its spirit with carpet tack and staples.


Then the painted panelling had to go. The demo was very dusty work, as the pictures attest. (I hope my camera survives it!) There was a surprise underneath some of the panelling. Liberty! Independence!


John came over to help put the room back together, and he and Allen put up drywall over the Liquid Nails disaster.


Next to go up was the new beadboard. No more painted wood panelling – we’d have proper wainscotting for this room! (The bonus is that by putting new beadboard up, we’d cover up the old mess without having to toil at fixing the walls.)


Ta da!


Allen spent a few days putting up the baseboard and the beadboard. I primed the drywall and the patched areas on the wall.


Today we spent most of the day in the guest room, with Allen putting up more beadboard and me painting. John asked me what color of blue-gray-green we’d be painting this room, and I was pleased to be able to say, “Red!”


Now the beadboard is all up, and the painting is finished. For now. Allen will put on the chair rail next, and then it all needs to be caulked, and then we can paint all the trim a semi-gloss white.


I already can’t believe how different it looks. I looked at that blue room, teal all over, and even with our talk about white beadboard and red walls, I couldn’t see the room in my mind’s eye. It’s not done yet, but it’s starting to be easier to see.



  1. Lauren said,

    Oh right and the ceiling has to be painted, and the fan replaced…details, details.

  2. grandma said,

    looking good! are you going to see the terra cotta warriors? seniors are planning a trip for $400 plus for two nights–i want to see them, but not for that price–looked up prices for tickets and they are only $10 for seniors, so that turned me off even more–exhibit runs from november thru march–hope i can figure something out–love–

  3. […] of the guest room. Allen and I have spent many, many weekend hours working in there. After painting and finishing the wainscotting (that could NOT have just been last weekend…upon further reflection I see that’s because […]

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