October 21, 2009

$1 can make a huge difference!

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DonorsChoose will get $100,000 more in funding from corporate donors if they can get 5,000 individuals to donate OR if they can get $100,000 in donations in October. As of today, they had $62,104 donated by 1,526 donors. Can you give $1? Click here to go to the DonorsChoose site and support a teacher proposal you believe in.

This is a cause dear to my heart after teaching in a DC charter school with few resources (no school library) and neither the school, nor the kids’ families, nor me to provide all the things we needed to learn. Donors provided us with $1000s worth in books for a classroom library representative of my students’ interests and cultures, classroom sets of Whisperphones to aid reading instruction, and multiple opportunities for field trips.  Now that I’m teaching in northern Virginia, my school’s need is not as high, so I don’t have any proposals posted, but I really appreciate DonorsChoose’s goal of connecting individual and corporate donors with needy classrooms. It’s an amazing idea, and they’re doing a great job of it!

It’s only fair that I should provide a donation to DonorsChoose too, if I’m asking you all to, so I provided some funding to a project called “ELL Students Love to Read Too.” The teacher is looking for bilingual and Spanish language books for her students, as well as Whisperphones, and since my classroom has received both of these from donors in the past, I felt it was appropriate that I give back in kind!

You can find teacher proposals on DonorsChoose for just about anything you’re interested in, from jumping rope to ESOL to poetry to using iPods as a learning tool. You can also search for projects to fund in your state or town or even at your local school. (DonorsChoose has expanded over the years to serve all 50 states.) With a minimum donation of just $1 counting towards DonorsChoose’s goal of inspiring 5,000 donors, there’s no excuse not to help public school students across the US receive that extra $100,000 in funding. Have a look around the site; I know you’ll find something worth $1 to you.


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