October 26, 2009

Renovation station

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With all this pimping of DonorsChoose, it’s only fair that I give you a personal post to read as well. Fortunately there’s plenty going on (if only I could spin it into interesting stories for the blog)!

We’ve really gotten serious with the renovation work at the house in the past month. It started with the HVAC system, which “cooled” the house to a chilly 79 degrees all summer (no lower). Being 20 years old or so, it was looking for retirement, and we put it out to pasture a few weeks ago. We got a great deal on a new system from Service Doctors, and we’d highly recommend them. Their technicians also noticed a leak when they were here, which started round two…

The leak turned out to be coming from the half bath downstairs, so one of my student’s fathers came out to have a look. (To clarify, he was my student last year, but is not now.) It was minor, but it took him and Allen several hours to fix. (Allen enjoyed this mini-internship and patched the drywall himself afterwards.) While he was here, he also put in a flexible pipe under the kitchen sink to connect to…

…the new dishwasher! After hand-washing dishes for over a year (the horror!) because our panel-front dishwasher left a layer of silt over everything, we upgraded to a new Kitchenaid dishwasher. I actually don’t mind washing dishes (as long as I can do it on my own time), but I won’t be getting my hands pruny anymore with this new machine. You have to come all the way into the kitchen to hear that it is running. I bow to the new dishwasher.


Let’s not forget the ongoing renovation of the guest room. Allen and I have spent many, many weekend hours working in there. After painting and finishing the wainscotting (that could NOT have just been last weekend…upon further reflection I see that’s because it was TWO weeks ago), we still had to paint the trim a semi-gloss white, paint the ceiling, install a new ceiling fan, and update the electrical outlets. Then we got the call that our king bed (that we bought in September) was finally arriving on Tuesday. That lit a fire under us. On Saturday of this last weekend, we bought sheets for our king-sized bed and the guest room queen bed (which we were too ashamed to pass our sheets on to, though the bed is moving from our room to there). We then painted the trim on the wall that the bed would sit against and moved the bed into the room. (This allowed us to have a guest stay over on Saturday night too – hi, Rebecca!) Allen updated all the electrical, and I painted about half of the ceiling on Sunday. Still to go: the rest of the trim, the rest of the ceiling, moving a dresser from our room to the guest room, and the ceiling fan. Our room is ready to accommodate our new bed tomorrow though!

Somewhere in the middle of all this, we also found time to put a first coat of brown paint throughout the upstairs hallway. (Because we were bored?) Yes, we did originally paint the hallway yellow. And yes, I have hated it ever since. (I quite like it in the sunroom though.) So back to my soothing, wonderful brown. It’s a shade lighter than what we painted the dining room.

When all those things are done, that’s IT. We’re not doing anything else for a long, long time. Except maybe entertaining guests!

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the guest room bed and the one wall that we finished painting the trim on.


Here’s the king bed in our bedroom.


Now you’ve seen them…but we still welcome guests to show off the updates in person!


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  1. Scott said,

    Yes, I know the pain, after thinking that I had everything done in my old house, I’m back at 50 Rodwell Ave. First thing, furnish; now mostly done. Next, ugly kitchen floor; now new slate floor with major obstacles that I overcame. Now; 2 months later, almost done with just a couple of trim pieces left. The projects always come, as long as you are working towards a goal and hopefully can see the light at the end of the tunnel, they are always worth it!

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