October 31, 2009

Less than $1500 to go for DonorsChoose!

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It is the LAST DAY of the Giving Challenge for DonorsChoose, and we (you, me, all the other donors, and all the teachers and students) are so close to meeting the goal of $100,000. When we meet it, corporate donors will provide an additional $100,000 to fund DonorsChoose proposals and help public school children.

DonorsChoose needs just $1,390 more. Teachers have donated and inspired other donors to reach $98,610 so far. As for that remaining $1,390? That’s 1,390 people donating $1 each, 278 people giving $5, 140 people donating $10, or just 56 people giving $25. Could you be one of those generous people?

In addition, thank you to all of the people that I know of who have supported this campaign so far: my brother Alan, my dad, my grandma, Julie, Cate, Sarah, Jill, Sara, Ryan, and Allen. I know there are others out there that I don’t know of – thank you too.

How can you help? Click on this link to make a donation of as little as $1. You can then search for any type of proposal you’re interested in funding. If you want some recommendations, click on this link to see the Chez Schmanz Giving Page with some proposals that my friends and I are interested in. Feel free to suggest other proposals for me to add to the Giving Page. And thank you for giving!

I’ll update the page when DonorsChoose meets the challenge!


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