October 31, 2009

Success for DonorsChoose!

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The DonorsChoose giving challenge has reached its goal of $100,000 in teacher-inspired donations in October! Donations right now total $101,334 from 2,316 donors. Amazing! You can see the results by clicking on this sentence!

Thank you again for your support of this great organization! I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the teacher proposals that will be funded now that the generous donations of inspired donors have earned DonorsChoose another $100,000 in funding!

Here are two that were funded with help from my awesome friends:

35 high school students in Missouri now have an LCD projector for their classroom from the proposal Projecting our Bright Futures to the World.

150 7th and 8th graders in southern California now have materials for science fair projects from the proposal Science Fair Project 2009.

Here are two more that received partial funding with the help of my friends and family:

ELL Students Love to Read Too is a proposal for bilingual and Spanish-language books and for WhisperPhones for English language learners in Chicago. This proposal needs $232 more to be fully funded.

From the Printing Press will provide cutting supplies and linoleum for an 8th grade art class. Another $206 will bring these enriching materials to students in a high-poverty, Washington, DC school.



  1. Alan said,

    Awesome possum! I guess you now know how many people donated through your link? That’s sweet that they made their goal!

  2. Lauren said,

    They said that teachers will find out how many people they inspired to donate (through clicks through the link) by the end of November. My guess is that it will be sooner, but that they don’t want people contacting them when they don’t find out right away. I can’t WAIT to find out!

  3. Dad said,

    Lauren, I’m not certain I did the donation correctly. I simply processed mine through a link you gave me but there was no mention of you. Anyway, I found one project being offered by a teacher in Apache, OK, that wanted jump ropes to increase physical training/activity in the classroom. I have fond memories of Apache so that’s what I went with. Awesome Possum???

  4. Lauren said,

    Awesome possum! I’m sure it worked! Sounds like a cool project with a good personal connection, Dad.

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