November 13, 2009

Cross stitching wish list

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This week I finished Caroline’s birth sampler, adapted from La-D-Da’s Sweet Dreams pattern.

CIMG1073 - Copy

It’s at the shop for framing, but in the meantime, that means I’m ready to find a new project!

Choosing a new project is a delightful task in itself. I’ve got a good ten projects that I’ve already started and put aside. Those get high consideration. Then there are the many projects I’ve kitted up – that is, purchased the fabric and threads to go along with the chart.

In a category of its own is The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, which I am stitching on 9 or 10 count fabric (like the stockings) with DMC Perle Cotton. For those of you non-stitchers out there, that just means “big.” The exaggerating, slightly rude woman in the cross stitch store said that this project would be “as big as a couch,” so I like to refer to it as my project that is as big as a couch. In reality, it will be approximately 2 x 3 feet. It uses an entire yard of fabric – think lap quilt size  – and its frame is like a small table. I should take a picture. It’s amusing to look at. If I could just keep the cats off it…

Next are the larger framing projects that I kitted in Oklahoma in April. I started Pains of Love, but I have two others kitted and unstarted too. Not to mention the wedding sampler (Marriage of Minds by the Drawn Thread) that I “am doing” for Allen and me. (Our five year anniversary in May will not see that finished, mostly because I put it aside after I stitched a whole swath of it in one thread rather than two, and I just can’t bear to pull all that out!)

It’s possible too that I buy something new every time I cross the threshhold of the cross stitching store. So I now have Prairie Moon’s The Red and The Black kitted up. And during the last visit, I picked up La-D-Da’s All Our Troubles. At first, I took the saying the wrong way – you think I’m a big whiner? But it stuck in my mind, and I kept thinking that I would chose my troubles over others’ and that maybe it meant more about being thankful for what you have and taking the bad with the good. Now it will go on my wall, to remind me of that.

All those choices, and I decided to stall. I’ve been working on Prairie Schooler’s set of Santa’s 12 Days of Christmas since 2007. (In fact, I’ve been working on it since the month I started this blog, which would have been a good time to follow through on the project and get it done for Christmas!) I finished the first six of them during that year in Paris, but when I started the seventh day of Christmas and stitched a swan in the wrong spot, I stopped and set it aside. Since finishing Caroline’s sampler, I’ve picked it back up and will have finished the seventh piece this week.

CIMG1101 - Copy

I won’t be as optimistic in 2009 as I was in 2007; I probably won’t finish it this year for Christmas. But with each piece taking about a week, the time is there…if I use it.


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    use it!

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