November 25, 2009

I love Etsy!

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Etsy has been my infatuation for over a year now. It’s only the best place to buy handmade directly from the handmaker!

I can’t believe how inexpensive and pretty these board book pendants are from

And props to Pretty Theory for a memorable name, so that when a Lush employee complimented me on the bird pendant, I was able to recall the shop name and write it down for her.

Speaking of Etsy shops with GREAT BRANDING, I’m very impressed with Bananasaurus Rex at I purchased a lavender and flax seed filled pillow from Bananasaurus Rex, and I was tickled that it was mailed in a Trader Joe’s bag. Great packaging and branding makes me think great shop because it looks so professional (and delightful) when it arrives.

And of course the pillow smells divine! Allen laughs at me when I put it over my eyes.

Oh dear, though…looking back at the site makes me want things!

Now, my absolute favorite Etsy site is I purchased a custom “diaper bag” from Retrofied last winter, and I followed up this spring with a hobo bag in Joel Dewberry’s Deer Valley fabric:

Click here to see the fabric inside the bag! I think the worksmanship is great, and I love the color combinations. Shortly after I bought it, she posted her Raspberry Wasp bag, which I lust after, but how many bags do I need?

I’ve found plenty of jewelry on Etsy too, and I love that I can find so many different styles of jewelry in “one shop.” For example, I love this branch necklace I bought from

That picture comes from her listing here. And again, I’m finding other things in her shop that I love and want as I look back! But then I can find something completely different too, like the book board pendants from Pretty Theory!

My next Etsy post? Custom finds on Etsy! Or should it be gifts I’ve found for people? Or bookplates (because I could fill a full post on that!)?


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