February 12, 2010

Chapter 3: Johnny the Beast

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To find a new friend for Trouble, we went back to Homeward Trails. We rescued Pax and Trouble from Homeward Trails in August 2008, and they have been nothing short of amazing in their compassion and helpfulness since we let them know that we lost Pax. We suggested some cats that we thought would make a good companion for Trouble (we looked for cats who adapted well to other cats in their foster homes) and would be super affectionate with humans. (Let’s be honest – we like to pick up, pet, and generally harrass our cats with attention, and a cat who didn’t want to be petted or picked up or bothered at all by humans would not be a good match for us nor us for him.) Homeward Trails staff suggested other cats that they thought might fit our criteria, and we began the search.

During the first weekend of February, we met six cats! They all seemed like they would be great with other cats. They all seemed affectionate too – but not exactly in the way we were thinking. Several of them needed to warm up first, which is fine, but we want to be met at the door. Some of them were affectionate but too playful for us (and for Trouble, we thought). We met some truly lovely cats, including Lucy, Chip, Ivy, Emma, Jacob, and Sweet Judy Blue Eyes. I could say lots and lots of complimentary things about all of them.

Tonight, we also saw Tuxie Boy and Max, who made me wish we could take two (even though they are not bonded and can be adopted separately too). We were having so much fun watching Tuxie play that at first we didn’t notice Max cuddling sweetly in his foster’s arms, and then we thought we might be looking at the wrong kitten!

With each cat, we talked about the pros and cons, but we didn’t have that moment of certainty about bringing one of them home until we met Johnny tonight. We only had 10-15 minutes with Johnny, but we thought we’d at least know if we wanted to see more of him. He met us at the door and was immediately affectionate. A few times he started to wander back into the room, but he ran right back over when we called him back. Within moments, he was flopped down onto the floor, showing his belly for petting. Allen picked him up, and Johnny stayed happily on his lap. That is definitely our kind of affectionate cat! We were also happy to hear that he was an easy-going cat who didn’t mind that the foster’s cat took some time to get used to him.

We’ll be bringing Johnny home tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday. Next order of business: a new name. Since he looks so big in his picture (not so much in real life), we’ve been jokingly calling him Johnny the Beast. But he might actually be a Chuck Norris, or The Law. Bruiser, Crusher, Bulldozer, Muzzle? We’re getting a good laugh out of naming this mini-puma. But we won’t dare laugh in front of THE LAW!


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  1. grandma said,

    okay, i’m tired of coming up w/johnny the beast–time to move on–love—

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