January 3, 2011

Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy!

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:19 pm by Lauren

The sudden appearance yesterday of 13 bug bites (unknown origin) on my legs has really taken it out of me, mentally and emotionally. I’m terrified that a pair of pajama pants I bought last week could be the culprit – I was lazy and didn’t wash them before wearing. All of the bites are on unexposed skin that the pajama pants would cover (and range from the ankles to the waist). If this is bed bugs… I have already lost sleep over it, googling pictures of insect bites (they look like mosquito bites), treatment for bed bugs, signs of bed bug infestation and so on. I’ve washed all the linens and, of course, the pajamas. And all that on top of the itching is driving me mildly nuts most of the time and absolutely insane when I’m nursing and can’t address it right away!

Before I forget to mention, I wanted to write down that two days ago, I was laying in bed with Colin, and he scootched his body (or perhaps his head) closer to me. He accomplished this entirely by flailing, which is why I was so impressed. I moved my pillow away from him to give him more space, and he flailed and flailed until he was right next to my head again. It only looked like foolish baby antics; clearly it was calculated and meticulous physics-based flailing. Or so the child’s mother would have you believe…


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