January 6, 2011

They grow so fast…

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:45 pm by Lauren

Colin is a baby giant.

That kid you see is two years months old today.

Already, I look back at pictures of him from when he was first born, and you’d hardly recognize the kid. (I never really believed I could have produced such a lean baby in the first place, but apparently the master plan was to be born small and then inflate himself to an appropriate size for taking over the world!)

Once upon a time, when he was a wee little baby (two months ago, for about three minutes), his Tati Stephie had the great idea of making a plaster mold of his handprint. When several visits passed without accomplishing the task, Stephanie put the handprint kit under the tree on Christmas. So yesterday, Colin and I started our little project.

I rolled and kneaded the clay while Colin supervised. Then I pressed it into the tray, and Colin obliged by letting me press his foot and hand into the clay.

Actually, he was not obliging about pressing his hand into the clay at all. For several minutes, he refused to unclench his fist. I was just considering doing the other foot instead, when I finally got his hand open, but the impression we made in the clay wasn’t very deep. Colin didn’t care because he was hungry by that point.

After nursing, Colin fell asleep, so I came back to the kitchen, mixed the plaster, and poured it into the mold to sit overnight. In the morning, we had this masterpiece:

Then Colin painted it. Those fine moter skills are really coming together for him.

And voila! The “German shepherd puppy feet” (said his pediatrician) and hands are immortalized in plaster.



  1. Brandi said,

    WOW!!! That is impressive. He was able to paint better that most of my third graders! I tried something similar with Zoey – my mom stitched a piece that required her inked handprints. Uh huh. So at five days old, Steven and I met our niece, and I went after her with the ink. My dad was SOOOOOO mad at me for making her cry, and she also would not unclench her fist. We did one pretty well (granted, Zoey was quite a bit smaller than King Colin (born at 5 pounds, and I think Colin might outweigh her now at his 2 month weight and her 21 month!)), but the second one was a bust. No do-overs with ink on aida, so the struggle is forever immortalized on her cross-stitch.

  2. Sara E Stroman said,

    I LOVE how big he is. OMG. I want to hug him!

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