February 16, 2011

In the blink of an eye

Posted in Firstborn, Working tagged , , , at 10:37 pm by Lauren

What just happened? I wrote my last post and ran my last (first) run (er, not good for training) on January 20? Where does the time go?

I’ve gone back to work, and it was easier than I expected. Expect the worst, I guess, and you’ll always get better. I don’t miss Stinkerton too much during the day because my job is insanely busy this month. The two biggest challenges both relate to timing: getting up an hour and a half earlier than I used to so I can get to work on time (nurse baby, change baby, pack pump supplies, restock diaper bag, shower and dress self, drive to and from daycare), and trying to leave work shortly after the workday ends at 3:30 so that I can have more waking hours with the baby. (I used to work regularly until at least 5 pm, but I set that as my daycare pick-up time, so those days are past! That means trying to be much more efficient during my workday.) If I had to choose a challenge to put into the third place slot, I’d go with pumping breast milk in a school bathroom. Unsavory.

So I’ve been back to work for 2.5 weeks, but it feels like I never left. As happens when you work at a school, I’ve been smacked with a pretty good cold. I hardly have a voice today. That’s my excuse for not running last weekend (and the weekend before was poor time management, which was fine for missing one weekend’s run, but which I regretting last weekend when I had to skip that one as well). I haven’t mentally committed to the idea that if I want to run during the week, I may have to do it after the Stinks goes to bed (thus on a lighted trail) or miss out on some time with him.

Stinkerton’s still a giant, and when we look at him, we can’t believe he’s only 3 months old. Seems like he’s been around forever. He smiles very readily now, from the first moment he sees us in the morning to the last look before he falls asleep. Last weekend, he started laughing out loud, but those moments are not yet regular. He sleeps from around 6:30 pm to about 6:30 am, waking once in the 2 am hour. (Our challenge is just going to bed early enough to take advantage of this.) In the past couple weeks, he’s started drooling heavily, chomping down on our fingers, and sticking his tongue out even further (he’s a big tongue-sticker-outer and has been, but he apparently has much more control now), so we’re looking forward to teething soon. (Of course I mean, “looking forward to.”) He’s over 26 inches tall and 16 pounds – we haven’t measured or weighed him in a couple of weeks though, but suffice it to say that he continues to hit the top of the growth chart percentiles. And there are signs that he may be growing a neck! (But I think he may have stolen it from some other baby, because where did this Chunky Cheekerton get a neck?!) Finally, in the litany of “things I should write down before I forget when they happened,” I think it’s safe to call the eye color as brown.

Caught up? Okay, good.