What? France?

Yes, Allen and I are living in Paris. If you have not heard this by now, one of the following is probably true:

1) We no longer have a valid email address for you. Because we emailed everyone. And we only waited until Allen had been out of the country six weeks to do it! But that’s beside the point. Long lost friend!

2) You do not read emails from us. In which case, I do not know why you’re here.

3) You are a very bad stalker. You may even be sitting outside our DC house right now, stealing our wireless internet as you read this. Well, newsflash: we’re not there.

That being said (and we did need to clear the air), here’s the basic run-down of the previous season. On June 10, Allen and I were at a Sonic in Georgia, minding our own business, when we realized he’d missed a call from a contractor he worked with at the Chemical Safety Board. Allen brought me up to speed: he worked with the contractor of the CSB’s electronic records management program; the guy had recently been telling him about his latest projects and how he’d done some hiring for a project in France; Allen said he’d wished he’d known because he spoke French, had a French passport, and had family in France; the guy said he’d wished he’d known too. A week or so later, in Georgia, the contractor is telling Allen another position has opened up on the project. Does Allen want it? He’d have to move to Paris for a year.

Note: Our sejour in Paris lasted from mid-July 2008 (for Allen; mid-September 2008 for me) to June 30, 2009. We’re back in the States now and living in the metro DC area.


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  1. Elliott said,

    We just received your Christmas card and update letter. I was very excited to see that you had set up a blog! I can safely say you are a much more dedicated blogger than I am. I especially liked the friend audition entry.

    I can’t wait to read all of your entries and get caught up on how things are going. Give Allen my best!

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