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I realized our “What? France” page didn’t really tell you much about us, just that we were in Paris. Do you need to know more? If so, read on.

I am Lauren, and Chez Schmanz is my blog. You probably got that already. I’m hanging out in France while my husband Allen works here for a year. We came here from DC, and we’ll probably head back to DC when the year is over. Allen’s mom is French so he has French citizenship and therefore can do crazy things like take a new job and transport his whole life to France in one month. However, since he was mostly raised in America, we’re both foreigners to the French.

Allen works in records management, and when I have a job (ie, in the States), I am an ESOL teacher (ESOL = English for Speakers of Other Languages). In France, I’m babysitting and teaching private lessons. And wandering around the city. And blogging.

Anything else? Ah yes…what do we mean by “Chez Schmanz”? Well, the French word “chez” kind of means “at home with,” though in English “Chez Schmanz” might read “At the Schmanz’ place.” But no, Schmanz is not our real last name. Before our wedding, we were joking that we could somehow combine our names to come up with a new one, and thus the ridiculous “Schmanz” was born. We kind of like it. It kind of stuck.


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  1. Steven Gosap said,

    We kind of like ours, too, and it definitely stuck!

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