January 20, 2011

One month, one mile

Posted in running tagged , , , at 11:46 pm by Lauren

I was steeling myself for a major reality check when I went out for my first run after having a baby. I’ve been scheming about races and what reasonable training schedules could be, but it was all fanciful daydreams until I actually went out for a run to see what I had left. I was focusing on the fun of running and not on the beating my body was going to take.

So today I finally did it. Dad watched the boy, and I went out for my first postpartum run. This was my pleasant surprise: going for a run after having run during pregnancy is like shedding a resistance suit for a swim meet. I intended to try for three miles, walking if I needed to. After a mile and a half, rather than turning around, I mentally committed to four miles and went on another half mile before turning around. I ran the whole four miles, feeling good, shaving a minute and a half off the pace during my last mile just because I could. (Granted, I averaged 12:30 miles.) I like the symmetry: one mile for each month off of running.

Now, it wasn’t all giggles and rainbows; I’m certainly going to be extremely sore tomorrow. But it’s a promising re-start. And now I’m registered for the GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler on April 10. Here we go!